15/06 - Sandplay with Audrey Cottin

15/06 – Sandplay with Audrey Cottin

One tray has dry sand in it, and the other has wet sand. You can move the sand around like this, and shape the sand in the wet tray. The trays are blue on the bottom, so you can make a river or a lake. You can also add water to the wet tray if you want.

You can use as many of the figures as you want from these shelves to create your sand scene. You may or may not have an idea of what you want to do. Choose whatever you are attracted to. Sometimes it will feel like the figures are picking you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You can do anything you want to express yourself.

I will be sitting here quietly while you work, and making a few notes about the figures you pick. If you have a question or need help, just ask. You will have plenty of time (60 minutes), and I’ll let you know a few minutes before we need to end. After you leave I will take a picture of your tray.

You can start whenever you are ready. Let me know when you are finished.

Sessions are individual and last max. one hour. Appointments available at 12:00 | 13:15 | 15:30 | 17:30 | 18:45
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Tuesday 16 June, 8.30 pm

Audrey Cottin will present Sandplay as a work-in progress at the bar!