19/06 - 18h Stefano Harney on Study

19/06 – 18h
Stefano Harney on Study

Continuing a conversation begun on the experimentation of fate, and the fate of experimentation, Valentina and Stefano, will pick up their ongoing discussion of the way that the future works in study and the way that study can become our fate. How can a studio transport us into study? How can studiousness produce encounters of care and a care for encounters? What can we see from the studio when we study together? These are some of the questions that will be addressed again as the conversation continues.

Stefano Harney is Professor of Strategic Management Education, Singapore Management University and co-founder of the School for Study, an ensemble teaching project. He employs autonomist and postcolonial theory in looking into issues associated with race, work, and social organization. Recent books include The Ends of Management (co-authored with Tim Edkins) (2013) and The Undercommons: fugitive planning and black study (co-authored with Fred Moten) (2013). Stefano lives and works in Singapore.

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